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Vacwel Food Vacuum Sealer Bags- 100 pre-cut bag pack, Gallon size (11x16 inch pre-cut food bag pockets), Smooth transparent one side, other sealing side is embossed. Vacuum Sealing Bags That Stop Freezer Burn, Bags Fit All Sealers

$19.95 $29.99

TRUSTED VACUUM SEAL FOOD BAGS that work perfectly with ALL vacuum food sealers. Complement FOOD SAVER, Weston, Nesco, VacMaster or ANY other recognized vacuum-clamp sealing machine you may have.

COMMERCIAL GRADE VACUUM FOOD STORAGE BAGS TO PRESERVE FRESHNESS, FLAVOR and FOOD QUALITY EVERY TIME. Superb for ending food wastage: seal a meal or bulk vacuum food storage. Try freezing beef, mince, sausages, shrimp, smoked fish fillets, salmon steak or venison in these freezer vacuum seal food storage bags; you will love them!

PROTECT PRECIOUS FISH, MEAT & GAME AGAINST NASTY BACTERIA and FREEZER BURN. Vacwel Quart seal-a-meal bags provide maximum air extraction & reliable long-term freezing!

IDEAL as SOUS-VIDE BAGS or FREEZER BAGS. They can be refrigerated or microwaved without a problem. Re-Use and Re-Seal if you choose. How about for storing personal valuables or for water proofing vulnerable items during your next hunting, fishing or camping trip?

SAVE TIME AND MONEY with BETTER INCH-PER-INCH VALUE THAN ROLLS. TRUE TIME SAVERS with 3 sides pre-sealed Ready to Use. 100 pre-made food sealer vacuum bags included inside each recyclable package. All 100% BPA-free, FDA approved, 11 x 16 inch, food Gallon size and overall BEST QUALITY on the market. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. For a seamless vac-strip seal every time, Don’t delay, TEST our quality today!