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Food Vacuum Sealer Bags Instructions and F.A.Q.


F. A. Q. Vacwel Food Storage Bags

How come these bags are made in China now, Vacwel used to make in U.S.A.?

With labour and material costs being 3 fold cheaper in China, sadly, we were not able to sustain financially supporting the production of our USA-made food sealer bags. Despite the superior material and bag quality, it was impossible to compete for market share without any allowance for marketing. 

We have since teamed up with a factory in China, who are willing to manufacture on our behalf under our same strict quality control regulations. We strictly monitor that they use only premium-grade raw materials for our food sealer bags and everything gets inspected to our USA-made quality standards.   

Sous-vide cooking

Sous-vide cooking is the practice of slow cooking foods while contained in an air-tight sealed plastic bag. Usually the preparation is submerged in a bath of water and is maintained for long periods at a temperature regulated between 131 to 140 °F (55 to 60 °C) depending on the food composition.

The idea is that food cooks evenly throughout and retains moisture. Recently sous-vide cooking has notably risen in popularity. In saying that, it has been around for centuries.

Are Vacwel Food Preservation bags safe for Sous-Vide cooking?

Yes. Vacwel food preservation bags are safe for Sous-vide cooking so long as the cooking environment does not exceed 175 °F (80°C).

*At boiling temperatures, all plastic vacuum sealer bag materials begin to degrade and de-nature. In respect to food caution, we advise cooking at below 175 °F, which is more than sufficient for your Sous-vide preparations.

Are Vacwel Food Preservation bags safe for boiling?

We do not advise any plastic bag material to be boiled and recommend sous-vide cooking below 175 °F.

We understand that some manufacturers out of China advise that boiling is fine. Your risk of plastic particles leeching into your food increases with the boiling time. Since we cannot regulate the time that home Chef’s submerge their sealer bags in boiling water, we prefer to advise against the practice.

Are Vacwel Food Preservation bags safe for microwave usage?

Yes, but IMPORTANTLY sealed bags must be perforated before they are subjected to microwave cooking. DO NOT insert an air-tight sealed bag inside the microwave without piercing a small hole or two in it.


Are Vacwel Food Preservation bags safe to Re-use?

Hygiene awareness is the main issue here. If all food residue is cleaned thoroughly from the inner surfaces and the vacuum sealer bags have not been heat-damaged, then there will be no problem with re-usage.

Can Vacwel Food Preservation bags be used with Foodsaver and Weston Vacuum-clamp machines?

Vacwel heat-sealer bags are designed to work with all recognized food sealer appliances including Food saver and Weston. If you find, Vacwel bags are not compliant with your sealing machine, please let us know immediately by emailing:

Can Vacwel Food Preservation bags be used with Seal-a-meal Vacuum-clamp appliance?

Vacwel food preservation bags are designed to work with all recognized appliances including Seal a Meal. If you find, Vacwel bags are not compliant with your sealing machine please let us know by emailing us at

How thick is the bag material?

The bag thickness differs on each side, one side is a clear film- 4mil thick for content visualization and sharpie pen marking. The other side is 3.5mil thick, specifically textured for maximum air extraction.

What material are Vacwel preservation bags made of?

Our two fundamental priorities include food safety and supreme product performance. To achieve this, we use a nylon and linear low-density polyethylene combination that provides durability and permits extreme temperature tolerance.